Adventures in Software and Life (Gurpreet Luthra)

  1. Mushtaq: Doctor to Coding Architect (Expertease Podcast #5)

    An insightful & honest coversation with Mushtaq Ahmed on his amazing journey to becoming a Coding Architect & Sr. Technical Leader

  2. Insights on Career, Mastery and Craftsmanship (Expertease Podcast #4)

    A frank conversation with Nikhil Prasad, CTO Tavisca, on his principles for building a meaninful engineering career

  3. Empowered Engineering Culture - Nikhil Prasad (Expertease Podcast #3)

    An insightful discussion on cultivating an empowered product engineering culture by leveraging the power of Mastery, Autonomy and Purpose.

  4. Exiting the Rat Race - The Entrepreneurial Journey of Sandeep Nanu (Expertease Podcast #2)

    A spirited chat on Sandeep Nanu's journey of building a consulting firm while balancing work and personal life, having fun all the way.

  5. Art of Experience Design with Aditya Karle (Expertease Podcast #1)

    A lighthearted chat on Experience Design and applying it to Bengaluru Airport

  6. Understanding Open Source Software

    My thoughts and findings about questions concerning Open Source Software