Public Speaking and Sharing…

I enjoy sharing information on things I learn and do. Listed below are some of my recent presentations on various Technical and Open Source topics. Most presentations need a voice over, since I am big on visuals and keeping slides clutter free. If you have any questions about these topics, or would like me to present them at your office, or a conference, I would be very glad to help out.

Lessons from Deploying an EMR in Rural India from Gurpreet Luthra

Bahmni - an open source hospital system from Gurpreet Luthra

Harnessing The Power of CDNs from Gurpreet Luthra

Poka yoke: The Science of Mistake Proofing in Software from Gurpreet Luthra

Recipes for Continuous Delivery (ThoughtWorks Geeknight) from Gurpreet Luthra

Our Team and Work Philosophy (Tavisca) from Gurpreet Luthra

Product management for open source - Nandini Ravi & Gurpreet from baconfblr

Humanitarian Open Source Software from Gurpreet Luthra

Web Vulnerabilities - Building Basic Security Awareness from Gurpreet Luthra