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Sandeep Nanu - Exiting the Rat Race

In this second episode of Expertease, we have a spirited chat with Sandeep Nanu, serial entrepreneur and founder of a brand and communication consulting firm WriteClick.

Sandeep Nanu
Sandeep Nanu

Sandeep talks about his first job as a WebDesigner and the lessons he learnt there, including the important of respecting your commitments to other and their time. We discuss his first company, CBeyond – his challenges in dealing with large corporations and his motivation to instead find a better way to work sustainably, which led him to start WriteClick eventually in 2010.

This is a really fun episode, which gives an insight into how Sandeep has prioritized living a fulfilling life over running a rat race. I love his principles!

Episode Length: 1 hour

  • 2:00: Sandeep Nanu as a kid.
  • 8:00: First job as a Web-designer. Upset clients!
  • 10:25: Value of Time and Commitment.
  • 16:50: Starting my first company, CBeyond. Creating a strong brand.
  • 25:15: Moving to a more focussed work. Changing the business model. Moving towards WriteClick.
  • 32:15: So, now how big is WriteClick in 10 years?
  • 37:00: Are u now working with smaller clients?
  • 41:20: Where is your office? Home?
  • 44:00: Importance of being hands-on.
  • 47:30: Interesting Fund-Raising story for an NGO.
  • 52:30: Time is time. Not Money. Importance of Fun.
  • 56:18: Closing statements. Connecting with Nanu.

Show Notes

  1. Sandeeps blog article, Twenty Twenty
  2. Million Dollar Homepage - the idea for the smiles campaign


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  2. Wallpaper from Unsplash by David Izquierdo