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Nikhil Prasad - Cultivating an Empowered Engineering Culture (Part1)

In this third episode of Expertease, we have an insightful chat with Nikhil Prasad, CTO and co-founder of tavisca, a 700 people, product company, that is considered to be a strong people-centric organisation in Pune.

Nikhil Prasad
Nikhil Prasad

Nikhil talks about…

> “If the why is ambitious & empowering, then it adds Purpose to the mission. And people need a purpose to be motivated."

> “A fresher on your team, who likely doesn’t understand how company economics work, is not going to be motivated by a mission to triple your revenue."

> “Someone who has done fire-fighting due to bad code, will have a much stronger opinion about how to write code well, than someone who had just read it from a Design Pattern book."

> “Once an engineer sees how a casual decision in code, has created a scalability problem in production, they gain an unforgettable experience for life."

> “If you say you are autonomous, but you penalize the first person that fails, then guess what – people are not going to pick, being autonomous, any more."

This is a really thought provoking episode that explains how Mastery, Autonomy and Purpose can act as foundational pillars on which an organisation can create an empowering engineering culture.

Episode Length: 53 mins (Part 1)

Show Notes

  1. Drive - The Surprising Truth about what Motivates Us (YouTube Animation) and the book: Amazon Link - Mastery, Autonomy & Purpose
  2. Poka Yoke - The Science of Mistake Proofing
  3. NYT - What Google learned from its Quest to Build the Perfect Team
  4. The Trust Battery - Podcast Interview with Shopify founder Toby Lutke

Insights on Career, Mastery and Craftsmanship (Part 2)

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Unsplash Robert Collins
UnSplash Robert Collins


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