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In this first episode of Expertease, we have a light-hearted chat with Aditya Karle, Head of Design at ThoughtWorks India, to deconstruct the art of Experience Design (XD).

Aditya Karle
Aditya Karle

1:10: We talk about his journey to becoming a Designer and getting involved in Software Design, discuss differences between UI design, UX and XD.

28:50: We have an interesting chat about applying design thinking to Bengaluru International Airport.

53:30: We finish the podcast with Adi giving us recommendations on books and conferences related to design.

Show Notes

  1. ThoughtWorks Bangalore Airport case-study
  2. Book: Design of Everyday Things - Don Norman
  3. Book: Steal Like an Artist
  4. Book: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion
  5. Conferences: IXD - interaction design, Agile India, UX India, Design Up
  6. Neri Oxman: Architect, Designer, Inventor


  1. Background Music by BenSounds
  2. Wallpaper from Unsplash by Edho Pratama