Adventures in Software and Life (Gurpreet Luthra)

  1. Mushtaq: Doctor to Coding Architect (Expertease Podcast #5)

    An insightful & honest coversation with Mushtaq Ahmed on his amazing journey to becoming a Coding Architect & Sr. Technical Leader

  2. Art of Experience Design with Aditya Karle (Expertease Podcast #1)

    A lighthearted chat on Experience Design and applying it to Bengaluru Airport

  3. I Know That I Know Nothing

    A model for helping us deal with the Socrates Paradox

  4. Are You Telling A Story?

    Harness the art of story telling to make presentations memorable

  5. 12 Things I Learnt While Teaching Application Security

    Fascinating stuff I stumbled upon while preparing for security training

  6. Understanding Open Source Software

    My thoughts and findings about questions concerning Open Source Software

  7. Mars Rover Problem in Scala

    Companion code to Priyank's blog

  8. Recommended Reading for Lateral Dev Hires at ThoughtWorks

    An Unofficial Opinion

  9. 8 months at ThoughtWorks Pune

    The place I now call my home