Adventures in Software and Life (Gurpreet Luthra)

  1. Indian Food Recipes App built with GlideApps [NoCode]

    100+ free home style Indian recipes mobile app built with nocode

  2. Bahmni - Open Source EMR with 1 Million Lines of Code

    An analysis of Bahmni AngularJS exposure and strategy to migrate to React

  3. Understanding Open Source Software

    My thoughts and findings about questions concerning Open Source Software

  4. Reduce Computer Eye Strain with F.lux

    An application I have been using for over 3 years

  5. Mars Rover Problem in Scala

    Companion code to Priyank's blog

  6. Understanding Vagrant Boxes and VMs

    Clearing the confusion around Vagrant boxes

  7. Installing ThoughtWorks GoCD Server on a Digital Ocean Droplet

    Quick experimental setup on the cloud of GoCD

  8. Building Applications for Multiple Countries and Languages

    A checklist of things to bear in mind while developing applications for the global audience

  9. Way To A New Project

    Tips on becoming effective quickly on joining a new project

  10. Difference between sorted, sortWith and sortBy in Scala

    Understand which sort method to use in what situation.

  11. Using Capybara and Rspec assertions in Page Objects

    Writing well encapsulated tests in Rails with the Page Object pattern

  12. Vagrant: Setup development environments FAST!

    Understanding the popularity behind Vagrant

  13. Recommended Reading for Lateral Dev Hires at ThoughtWorks

    An Unofficial Opinion

  14. POKA YOKE - Applying Mistake Proofing to Software

    A technique for reducing mistakes in software

  15. Web Vulnerabilities - Phishing, Cookies, XSS and CSRF

    A basic overview of common web vulnerabilities