Adventures in Software and Life (Gurpreet Luthra)

  1. Mushtaq: Doctor to Coding Architect (Expertease Podcast #5)

    An insightful & honest coversation with Mushtaq Ahmed on his amazing journey to becoming a Coding Architect & Sr. Technical Leader

  2. Are You Telling A Story?

    Harness the art of story telling to make presentations memorable

  3. 12 Things I Learnt While Teaching Application Security

    Fascinating stuff I stumbled upon while preparing for security training

  4. Installing ThoughtWorks GoCD Server on a Digital Ocean Droplet

    Quick experimental setup on the cloud of GoCD

  5. Building Applications for Multiple Countries and Languages

    A checklist of things to bear in mind while developing applications for the global audience

  6. Difference between sorted, sortWith and sortBy in Scala

    Understand which sort method to use in what situation.

  7. Vagrant: Setup development environments FAST!

    Understanding the popularity behind Vagrant

  8. Recommended Reading for Lateral Dev Hires at ThoughtWorks

    An Unofficial Opinion

  9. POKA YOKE - Applying Mistake Proofing to Software

    A technique for reducing mistakes in software