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Public Speaking and Sharing...

I enjoy sharing information on things I learn and do. Listed below are some of my recent presentations on various Technical and Open Source topics. Most presentations need a voice over, since I am big on visuals and keeping slides clutter free. If you have any questions about these topics, or would like me to present them at your office, or a conference, I would be very glad to help out.

Lessons from Deploying an EMR in Rural India from Gurpreet Luthra

Harnessing The Power of CDNs from Gurpreet Luthra

Poka yoke: The Science of Mistake Proofing in Software from Gurpreet Luthra

Recipes for Continuous Delivery (ThoughtWorks Geeknight) from Gurpreet Luthra

Product management for open source software - Nandini Ravi and Gurpreet Luthra from baconfblr

Humanitarian Open Source Software from Gurpreet Luthra

Web Vulnerabilities - Building Basic Security Awareness from Gurpreet Luthra

Bahmni - an open source hospital system from Gurpreet Luthra