Near the Norbulingka Institute, Dharamshala, India
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Podcasts I Love

A list of podcasts to bookmark and listen

Driving in India is a test of patience. And a waste of time.

A few months ago, I decided to try an experiment while driving to office (about a 30 minutes ride one way). Podcasts.

Turns out, I had uncovered something amazing. Podcasts made me forget the time I spend on the road, and instead opened a window to a world I didn’t know existed. I now found an opportunity to hear interviews and stories, of lives of people, in far away places. People, whose stories, I would otherwise never have heard.

He is a list (I plan to keep up-to-date), with a list of podcasts I really enjoyed, or were super thought-provoking. If you like these, please bookmark this post.


List of Podcasts

  1. [Tim Ferris Interview] Pavel Tsatsouline on the Science of Strength and the Art of Physical Performance: Fundamentals of Strength training, kettle bell, no-nonsense, fitness, and many things under the world.
  2. [Tim Ferris Interview] General Stan McChrystal on Eating One Meal Per Day, Leadership in the Military, Special Ops, and Mental Toughness: An interesting interview on Leadership challenges in the military and what can we learn from them, for navigating the civilian world.
  3. [Tim Ferris Interview] The Scariest Navy SEAL Imaginable…And What He Taught Me: An interview with Jocko Willink about training for jiu-jitsu, managing fear, leadership in SEAL teams, fitness and discipline.
  4. [NPR TED Talk] Courage: Understanding courage in people – talks by some remarkable people, with remarkable achievements.
  5. [NPR TED Talk] Keeping Secrets: Secrets in the world.
  6. [NPR TED Talk] Quiet: A Man who did not speak for 17 years. And the importance of Quiet.
  7. [NPR TED Talk] Unstoppable Learning: A fantastic experiment on how children can learn without any teachers.
  8. [Stuff You Should Know] How the Berlin Wall Worked: The amazing history of the wall that divided East and West Germany for 28 years.
  9. [Stuff You Should Know] How Black Boxes Work: An understanding of black boxes on the planes, and their history. Very fascinating.
  10. [Stuff You Should Know] Does Owning a Gun Change your Behavior: Gun Control, and the psychological impact of owning a gun. It isn’t what you think it is.
  11. [Stuff You Should Know] How Bitcoin Works: An explanation of Bitcoin.
  12. [Stuff You Should Know] Can you test a Nuclear Weapon without a Fallout?: A history of the various nuclear weapon tests conducted on Planet Earth, and their repercussions.
  13. [NPR Hidden Brain] Tribes & Traitors: What Happens When You Empathize with the Enemy?: The more trauma an individual or a group has experienced, the harder it can be to acknowledge the suffering of the other side. A look into the life of a former Israeli paratrooper and a Palestinanian professor who empathized with the other side.
  14. [NPR Hidden Brain] In Praise of Mess: Why Disorder May Be Good For Us: In this episode of Hidden Brain, economist and writer Tim Harford talks about how an embrace of chaos is beneficial to musicians, speechmakers, politicians – and the rest of us.
  15. [Farnam Street] Interview with Naval Ravikant: Words of wisdom on life, decision making, the importance of reading, meditation and a lot of other topics. This is one of the best podcasts I have heard. You can also read the audio transcript here.

I usually listen to podcasts on the Iphone podcast app.