About me

Learning Pottery in Dharamshala, India

Gurpreet Luthra

I am a passionate developer, technologist, learner and a software craftsman. I look for ways to use technology, to make a difference. I love converting the complex, to the simple.

I work at ThoughtWorks, an amazing, vibrant and fun place. After having been the Community Lead for Bahmni - an open source Hospital Management System for a year, I am now pairing on the role of Product Manager for Bahmni with Kartik N.

Some folks say that I do have a rather curious knack to make connections between the programming world and the one we physically inhabit. I think they might be right.


  • Product Development
  • Java, Scala, Ruby, Web Development
  • Open source software & ecosystem
  • Continuous Delivery & Devops


I've been writing software professionally since 2001. I have worked in start-ups, and medium to large MNCs. Some of my projects have been:

  • Manufacturing Execution System - Performix xMES
  • Large Scale Websites for Retail, Electronics and Travel Industries
  • Open Source products like Bahmni, OpenMRS, MifosX, etc

Get In Touch

Feel free to reach out about Bahmni, ThoughtWorks, or anything else that's on your mind. Email me at

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